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Monday, September 22, 2008

Categories of Domain Extensions

These are new domains that are used to describe different industries.

.aero Air transportation Companies
.biz Businesses
.cat Catalan language sites
.com Commercial operations
.coop Cooperatives
.edu Educational Institutions
.gov Government and its Agencies
.info All other uses
.jobs Human resources
.mil Military
.mobi Mobile Services
.museum Museums
.name Private individual site
.net ISPs
.org Non profits organisations
.pro Professionals
.tel Contact Data
.travel Travel Industry

Merchant Services List

Here are a list of sites you can find merchant services

ePayment Solutions,
Merchant systems,
Ez Merchant Accounts,
Instant Check,
Skipjack Financial Systems,

E-Commerce Sites

The are very useful e-commerce sites

Package Tracking Links,
Cio Magazine, How to redesign your website to Play to your Audience,

High Quality Graphics Sites List

These are the sites that you can find quality graphics

Lindy's Graphics,
All Free Original Clip Art,,
Dee's Art Gllery,

Web Design Sites

This a list of useful web design sites

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Search Engine Optimization, Increasing Website Traffic

Search engine optimization or in short form SEO is a technique to increase the volume and traffic to a website using keywords. The earlier a site is displayed in the Search Engine Results Pages, the higher it rank, which means more users that do the search, will visit that site.
One of the basic techniques to select suitable keywords for your site is to imagine what users might type in when they are searching for things that are relevant to your site. Your best key index is the title. There are many vendors selling products that are said to be able to increase traffic to your site. Don’t fall for this scam. Many of them are using unscrupulous method and major search engine are able to find out that your website are using. When they do, your website will be blacklisted and no longer be in the search engine index.
Pay attention to the content in your website. Work the hard way by posting suitable articles at your site or join relevant forum/groups, use newsletters to drive people to your site and advertise in pay per click ads.
Search Engines use crawlers to search websites for their algorithmic search result pages.
There are SEO tools that are tools that are created by webmasters to optimize a website with search engines. Backlink checker and pagerank checker are some of the tools available.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Affiliate Programs – Big and Well Known Brands like Sony, Dell, Apple itunes, American Express.....

Affiliate program is an arrangement between website owners with online marketing companies, in which the website owner will be paid for clicks or sales generated from the owner site. Below is the list of big companies that offer affiliate programs.

1) Sony Creative Software Inc
2) eBay
3) New York Times
4) USA Today
5) Dell
6) American Express
7) Apple iTunes
8) Toshiba Notebook
9) Toy R Us
10) USA, LLC
11) At&t
12) Dollar Rent A Car
13) McAfee
14) PetSmart
15) Fujitsu Computer System Corporation
16) Payless Shoe
17) Clinique
18) Bionair
19) Baby Universe
20) Ace Hardware

The best thing about signing up with big names is the brand is already well known and ti it very much easier to sell these products. You can sign up these programs through companies like Linkshare. After you have signed up for the program, you just have to paste the html code provided in your website and the affiliate advertisement will be displayed.

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

Friday, September 5, 2008

Optimizing Your Google Adsense

Here is a video by Google Adsense Optimization Specialists showing you how to optimize your Adsense ads.

Work At Home and Make Money Online – Embrace the Web Technology

With the advancement of web technology, more and more people around the world are looking in to the option of doing home based business to make money. All you need is just a broadband internet connection and a notebook, laptop or desktop computer. Among the common types of home business are:

1) Selling of items through online store (Online Marketing)
The best thing about online store is that you don’t have to incur cost in inventory.
2) Selling of e-books online
Another low cost business to maintain as you does not have to print physical books. You get paid when a customer wants to download your books.
3) Setting up a website on particular topics and earn from advertisers.
If you are good at writing, you can set an up a website that attracts visitors and you can charge advertisers to advertise at your site. The easiest way is to sign up with an affiliate program or Google adsense, which pays you per click or when someone buys something through your referral.
4) Stock, option and futures trading through online brokers.
This is more of investment than doing business. But for me, I think that this can be categorized as home based business. Investing require some skills and knowledge so be prepared to keep on learning and be on top of market news and world events.
5) Selling of domain names
You can purchase domain names that you think is popular and sell it to the highest bidder that wanted it for his website name.
6) Web Page Design
If you are technically savvy, you can offer web page design to companies that want to have their own sites. Many companies have not set up their own site, so it is a big potential business.
7) Online multi level marketing
The income potential is great if you are successful in this one.

Working from home requires great discipline and not many are successful in doing so and they normally give up after a few months. Internet takes away the world boundaries and you can reach almost everyone in the world as long as he or she is connected to the web. Those who do not embrace the web technology to sell their product will be left out in the race soon. This apply to every category of industry that you are in; i.e. Life Insurance business, Travel insurance business, Credit card business, adult education business, yellow pages advertising, Investment product, house loan, refinancing ……etc. Start Making Money Online now!


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