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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Affiliate Programs – Big and Well Known Brands like Sony, Dell, Apple itunes, American Express.....

Affiliate program is an arrangement between website owners with online marketing companies, in which the website owner will be paid for clicks or sales generated from the owner site. Below is the list of big companies that offer affiliate programs.

1) Sony Creative Software Inc
2) eBay
3) New York Times
4) USA Today
5) Dell
6) American Express
7) Apple iTunes
8) Toshiba Notebook
9) Toy R Us
10) USA, LLC
11) At&t
12) Dollar Rent A Car
13) McAfee
14) PetSmart
15) Fujitsu Computer System Corporation
16) Payless Shoe
17) Clinique
18) Bionair
19) Baby Universe
20) Ace Hardware

The best thing about signing up with big names is the brand is already well known and ti it very much easier to sell these products. You can sign up these programs through companies like Linkshare. After you have signed up for the program, you just have to paste the html code provided in your website and the affiliate advertisement will be displayed.

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