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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Search Engine Optimization, Increasing Website Traffic

Search engine optimization or in short form SEO is a technique to increase the volume and traffic to a website using keywords. The earlier a site is displayed in the Search Engine Results Pages, the higher it rank, which means more users that do the search, will visit that site.
One of the basic techniques to select suitable keywords for your site is to imagine what users might type in when they are searching for things that are relevant to your site. Your best key index is the title. There are many vendors selling products that are said to be able to increase traffic to your site. Don’t fall for this scam. Many of them are using unscrupulous method and major search engine are able to find out that your website are using. When they do, your website will be blacklisted and no longer be in the search engine index.
Pay attention to the content in your website. Work the hard way by posting suitable articles at your site or join relevant forum/groups, use newsletters to drive people to your site and advertise in pay per click ads.
Search Engines use crawlers to search websites for their algorithmic search result pages.
There are SEO tools that are tools that are created by webmasters to optimize a website with search engines. Backlink checker and pagerank checker are some of the tools available.

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