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Monday, October 20, 2008

Creating Website Basics

In order to create a website, you will have to work with HTML language. What is HTML? Well, it is a tag-based language that is used to represent information that the computer or web browser can understand. Unless you are geek, you will be able to fully write and understand html language. However, there are many soft wares available that can help you to convert simple English into html code. The most common one is the Adobe Dreamweaver. Some online services such as Blogger and Myspace allow you to work with html using their editor to design your webpage.
Html allows you to work with graphics without storing the media content in the html itself unlike for example Microsoft word documents. Html links to external media files such as Flash media or image files. Common types of files are files with extension .css, .jpg, .gif, .png and .js
When you have your site created, you will need to publish it. You can either publish it to a webserver or in your own computer.

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