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Monday, December 22, 2008

Make Money from Home through Blogging – Jargons and Terms Used in Google Adsense

If you are home based and have a blog, you can monetize it by adding some advertisements. Most blogs will have advertisement in it, unless if it is a business blog. Business blog normally don’t have Adsense or other advertisement because if one does that that they are actually advertising the competitors’ products. As you know, Adsense will display the advertisement based on the theme of your blog.
Some people blog for fun, so you will not see ads in these types of blog either.
To make money you will need reader. How are you going to drive readers to your site?

These are the common Jargons and terms used in monetizing your blog

Clickthrough : The number of people clicking your ads over a specified period. Google adsense pays you whenever someone clicks on the Google Ads and read it.

Impressions: An ad that is appears on your blog when a reader is reading your page. These are commonly known in Adsense as Image Ads. So make sure you choose at least (max 3) Text and Image and add them to your site.

Page Views: Page viewed in your blog by your readers.

Clickthrough rate: Clickthrough total divide by total impressions.

Conversion Rate: Total number of people buying the advertised product after clicking your ads

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions): The amount you earn or what the advertiser pays you for every ads seen by a thousand people.

You can see all these terms in your Google Adsense report. Hope these jargons explanations help you in understanding your Adsense report so that you can analyze your site advertisement results to fine tune your site/blog. Start making money online from home. Happy blogging!


Anonymous said...

wow thanks for the definition pete! =)

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sakaigirl said...

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Ayie said...

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Willie said...

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