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Monday, December 22, 2008

Promoting Your Blog at Social Site or Increase Your Keywords Count? Which is Better?

There are many social sites like Facebook, Tagged, Mybloglog ......the list goes on and one. Promoting your blog at these sites will get you some visitors but do you think most of them will be your long term blog readers? The time you need to spend at social site is very long. Sometimes you get carried away by all the networking facilities at these sites, making friends but not driving visitor to your own site.
Forget the backlinks or trying to link to a Google high ranking websites. Yes, higher site ranking will give your pages better hit rates, I don’t dispute that! If you increase your keywords count you will have more index in Google pointing to your site. One question, more links from Google is better or more links from other websites are better? Definitely more from Google is better! They are the most successful search engine around. It pays to make your site Google friendly.
So, it is more important to concentrate on you blog posting than to spend too much time at social sites. Concentrate on building your keywords according to your blog theme. Make sure all your posting are well focus on your blog theme. It takes time to build these, so be patient. The more keywords you have in Google index, more search will end up at your site and the likeliness of your post ending up first on the result page increases! More serious users who are searching for something will end up at your site. This will also increase your Adsense click rate, if you are blogging for the money . Anyway, forget about the money first, put some passion into your work, and money will start rolling your ways soon.
Therefore, forget about your ranking and social sites, concentrate on your keywords.
Happy Blogging!

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Forza Milan said...

It's a good writing Pete and a nice to know you..


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