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Friday, June 19, 2009

Photography and Writing Tips for Website/Blogs

It is very important how you present your posting or the product you are selling at your site. Have you come across site that you are not sure what the writer wants to say or takes damm long time to load because all the photos at this site are on high resolutions?
Well, all these will keep readers away from your site.

Photography tips
1) Make sure the image in the photo is clear and large enough so that you visitors can see it clearly. Close up shot is the best but make sure that it is also clear.
2) Take a few shots with your camera and choose the best. The image on your camera screens is too small and the best way to see the quality of your shot is to download them to you computer. Therefore, if you don’t take a few shots then by the time you downloaded all the images in you computer, it will be too late.
3) Take a few shots from different angle and also distance. Sometimes your estimation might be out!
4) Crop you image to cut out unnecessary and unwanted object around your key image.
5) Use a backdrop against your items. The image will look better against a backdrop. It can be a large cardboard or cloth that does not reflect the lights, unless you want to have some lighting effect.
6) If you are selling an item or want to emphasize on the size of the object, then put a ruler or whatever you want to compare the size of the object to. This will give your reader an idea of the size of the image subject.

Writing Tips
1) Use a word processor to write your posting, so that you can use the features such as spell-check or grammar to check it.
2) Don’t be too long winded, but don’t be to brief too on your posting. Go straight to the point or else unless if your post is very interesting, your visitor might be bored.
3) Do not repeat the same point over and over again.
4) If you need to describe and item you are selling, the best way is to summarize it in point forms. Customers do not want to waste time reading through long writings.
5) Use simple English or languages unless you are writing story or and article.

Well, the main purpose is to make sure that your visitor will come back to your site over and over again. If your site is user friendly, then you are sure to have repeat visitors!


flavius darius frant said...

cool blog, great finance tips and blogger tips, come and check this one out also ;)

CheaHS@n said...

COOL is this one word short enuf? haha TQ for the tips.

Ayie said...

Hi, thanks for your visit to my blog...i also have an online work at home thingie

here's the link, you might find it useful

I like your blogs, almost like what i have. Several food and other stuffs.

Rhedz said...

Very helpful and informative post. I'll be applying this one in my blogs. Thanks for this and thanks for following my blog.


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