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Monday, November 9, 2009

My First Payment From Cloudcrowd Transferred into my Paypal Account Today!

Today, CloudCrowd transfered the payment into my paypal account for the first job I did for them on last Friday. As stated in CloudCrowd terms and condition any job done after Thursday will be transferred into members' paypal account the following Monday. So, they have paid me as promised. Thumbs up for CloudCrowd!
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Check out this link using funny conversation on how to start Paypal and CloudCrowd account

Note : All registrations are free!


CheaHS@n said...

Pete, Hope to get more "jobs". TQ for the links and sms

George said...

Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often. George from how to make money fast.

camilynn said...

An insightfull post on "My First Payment From Cloudcrowd Transferred into my Paypal Account Today!".And I would like to say that I'm living my dream of owning my own business and working from home earning equally or more than the regular jobs by using

Peter- Working Moms make more

Bintang said...

im trying to make money from blogging...but i dont what should i do for the first time..i have 3 of them i had registered Google adsense..after 3 month GA suspended my GA..GA told me that someone click many times in GA ADS..but i didnt..What do u think Pete, Could i register again?

Pete said...

Bintang : That is the problem with GA, if the click is 'suspicious' they will suspend your account and you will lose all the money inside. You can try to appeal but to be more effective try to submit also a copy of the ip address and details of the visitors on that day the unusual clicks happen. Chances of reactivation is very slim. If you are writing food blogs you can sigh up with Foodbuzz and be their publisher, they pay by impressions not by clicks. You can also consider Adbrite, they are not so strict. Adbrite is alternative to GA. To earn significant money from these adds, your website would need around 1000visitors per day. It would be good to concentrate on increasing traffic flow from your post.

Bintang said...

hi Pete, thanks for ur explaination...

loretta said...

I didnt make any cent and still wondering how to make 1 cent lst???

imelda said...

i have gone through your site information and it is the sae oppertunity that i was looking for thr facilities,
the process that what you are offering , are perfectely matched to my expection, very soon you will get
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