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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Earn Euro From 2 € CPM up to 13 € CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) Advertising for Bin Layer

I found this great CPM publisher program, Bin-Layer that pays up to 13 Euro per 1000 impression depending on the country of origin of you website traffic.

Bin-Layer offers you the possibility to commercialize your website in a highly efficient and user friendly way. Bin-Layer shows exclusively harmless and reputable campaigns of top companies. No cookie spamming, no malware – like its used by other internet agencies.

Here are their compensation table based on different types of ads format

At the moment, there are three different Bin-Layer ad formats
LayerAds- Fly-in-ad that covers the content of the page- 4 € CPM up to 10 € CPM- 3 hours IP block
PopAds- A new window that opens once the visitors interact with the page -> block-resistent- 2 € CPM up to 6 € CPM- 15 min. IP block
HybridAds- Combination of LayerAds and PopAds with an especially high compensation- 6 € CPM up to 13 € CPM- 1 hour IP block

The best thing is you will be earning Euro dollars!

Minimum cashout is Euro 15 (up to four times in a month) through Paypal
or bank transfer.

Check out this great and 'no scam' ads program, click the ads below to check it out!


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