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Friday, February 24, 2012

2nd Cash out from Churp Churp Today

Cashed out again from Churp Churp today and now waiting for the payout cheque to arrive. This is my second round of earning from Churp Churp. I was really lucky to be selected for a series of HP avertisement which ran for 10 consecutive days; ie social seeding in my Twitter Account, Peteformation. All the tweet was prewritten by the company for me, so I just have to approve them. Wow! this is what I call 'Passive Income'. The tweets are automated and payment made to my account in Churp Churp as I sleep! ha ha ha! LOL! 

I have several new followings in my Twitter account everyday. With this increase, my income from Churp Churp will also increase because the advertisement will reach more people! It takes time to increase your following in Twitter, so you will have to set up your twitter account and join Churp Churp ASAP! What a nice and interesting way to earn money!

Hey, what are you waiting for, Check out Churp Churp today! Signing up is free! No fees involved!


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